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Had a strange dream? Your online audience awaits

THE SIGNIFICANCE OF dreams varies across cultures, yet the desire to talk about them — whether it be out of curiosity, concern, amusement, or simply the search for meaning — is universal.

The Boston Globe

How close are we to video-recording our dreams?

Although most of us dream four to six times a night, we forget 90% of our dreams 10 minutes after they end.


Understanding Dreams About Cheating

Both men and women report having dreams about cheating, or being cheated on, but these cheating dreams are rarely about a literal desire to be unfaithful!


DreamsCloud Wants to Change the Way We Think About Sleep

DreamsCloud says dreams are the world’s common language, and they've got some evidence to support it: Hundreds of thousands of users already have shared their personal dreams across the site and its mobile app.

Yahoo! News

DreamsCloud Releases Top 10 Most Dreamt About Music Artists (Infographic)

Using their powerful database of over 1.9 million dreams, DreamsCloud cross-referenced the Billboard Top 100 Artist chart with how often each music artist was mentioned in a dream.


Naked in Public? DreamsCloud Wants to Get Inside Your Mind

Teeth falling out? Flying over your house? Sweet dreams - and nightmares - are made of these. Find out what they mean with a site that helps you share (and better understand) your dreams.


This App Is About to Change the Way You Dream

Going to sleep just got a whole lot more exciting. DreamsCloud has created a new app called DreamSphere to help us analyze the wonders of our complex human mind based off our dreams.

Marie Claire

Innovation in Dreaming Tech Allows Us Inside Our Heads

As technology continues to make advancements in the health & wellness movement, people are starting to pay much more attention to an activity we spend about ONE THIRD of our lives doing: sleeping.  

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10 Dic. '15

DreamSphere App Now Available For Android

DreamSphere for Android helps users to log, share, and socialize their dreams, while exploring similar dreams on a global scale, researching dream symbols and discovering their meaning.

27 Oct. '15

Study Reveals That Dreams May Warn of Breast Cancer

In a first-of-its-kind scientific and peer-reviewed study, 18 women from around the world reported having dreams that warned them of breast cancer.

13 Oct. '15

Dr. George Kastner Joins DreamsCloud Board of Advisors

Dr. Kastner is a respected expert in Operations Research, accomplished executive, successful entrepreneur, and sought-after consultant. 

28 Jul. '15

DreamsCloud Launches DreamsWatch Wearable App

DreamsCloud launches new Android Wear Lucid Dreaming Tool and Dreams Recorder app for smartwatches. 

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