10 Jul

You almost caught Captain Jack Sparrow

You almost caught Captain Jack Sparrow

I was wearing a long white shirt. I was at the old primary school but there were high school kids there.
I placed period pads on my knees and I was tying anklets around my thighs. A group of boys thought I was getting married and they got all excited.
The bravest boy came up to me and started to flirt. But then he saw the box of pads on the wooden table that I burrowed from well-being. He went all weird and walked away.

Then Monica.A's voice came on the loud speaker and said, "Stop putting pads on your knees, that is feral."
Everyone heard. I took the pads off and left the box on the table.

The bell rang and I went to class. For some reason I could not understand what my timetable said so I didn't know what class I had. I pretended to be in the class closest to me.
The teacher was Mrs.Smith. The class subject was art and they were talking about their previous lesson which was painting a ship on a little square bit of paper.
Rachel.B saw me and started to talk to Paige.W.
Paige was in the middle of saying," this is the day that I put pads on her knees" but I cut her off and said " this is the day that you almost caught Captain Jack Sparrow.


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