20 Apr

Statues in the darkness

Statues in the darkness

i recieved a kind of mission to write a essay to be read in front of the court, i wrote something and went to the court, it was empty , i was near to the judge place, i don't remember wich place was near the judge or in the defendant place, suddently the room becomes dark i saw a huge owl statue in the shadows, I becomed very interested i come near to see better, the statue was made from carved wood, it was a masterpiece of art, perfect, i loved it, i spent some time admiring it, i started walking in the shadows i saw another statues, i wandered away in the darkness, i needed to reach very close to see the statues, it was a
two lizards statues, and a "chimera" (mythologial creature) statue ( i don't know if it really was a chimera, i just named it after the dream) , a statue made of a mix of all kinds of animals, they both perfect also, the chimera statue was all around the court, like it was part of the architecture, my uncle come from the darkness and said something in my ear, i dont remember what, and walked away, so i saw a ferocious white stallion, that one as alive, a real animal, it was horny and trying to copulate with another wooden statue, but i don't remember what stuff it was, or another animal?, i looked the other way and i saw my dacshund, wiener dog wandering in the shadows wearing a christimas outfit, so i wake up

i didn't felt scared, its was just a normal dream for me

all the statues were huge and glossy

i had a really bad expereincefrom lizards, its something i find scaring



  • Bruno Dante

    Bruno Dante

    Posted on Apr 21, 2017

    i thought about that dream, and have some ideas, maybe the animals statues are showing other aspects of myself that are stoped, unable to be used in the woken life, the stallion a urging necessity to fulfill a desire that somehow is impairing the others animals symbols, what you guys think?, is just a common opnion, i'm no dream expert

    • Maria Carla Cernuto
      Professional Reflector

      Maria Carla Cernuto

      Posted on Apr 21, 2017

      Hi Bruno! If this were my dream I would note the connection between the term "court," which is used to describe pursuing someone in a romantic way, my "wiener" dog and the horny horse. I would think my dream may reflect having darker or unconscious (shadows) sexual desires. I associate animals with my instinctual or wilder side, so seeing them as statues may symbolize a period of denying the expression of this side of myself. I would ask myself, "How may I feel ready to allow my primal instincts or wilder nature a little freedom of expression (horny horse is alive) - without 'judgement,' guilt or condemnation?"