10 Jan



I was out somewhere with my mom when everyone started to panic including a close friend of mine. There was a man that was coming with a pack of wolves & they were attacking people. In the real world, I love wolves. But in my dream, I became protective ready to fight. Even the man seemed to recognize me as a target/enemy. I lead him and the pack to my old childhood house where we prepared to fight. He, of course, told me I would lose. I could actually feel my heart speeding up as I look for my pocket knife that my dad gave me. Apparently, I had used that knife to fight him before. I panicked & grabbed a clipboard just trying to find something to fight with. I told my mom to go inside & lock the doors. She was not to come out even when I got hurt or worse because "I didn't want her to get killed too" I must have lost someone special because of this man and his wolves. it took some convincing but she agreed. I went to fight preparing to die as I knew I couldn't stop multiple wolves without my pocket knife. My dog was loose so I had my mom take her in too. As the wolves prepared to attack the man said he wanted to go say 'hello' to my neighbors (who are like my grandparents) but I knew it wasn't just to say hello. I began to cry knowing I was about to die & so was everyone I ever cared about.

One other thing is that I wasn't worried about the man with the exception of the last part he was not important. It was the wolves that I felt like we had fought before.


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