10 Jul

Witchetty Grub Emergence

Witchetty Grub Emergence

Morning of April 9, 1986. Wednesday.

I am at a distorted version of the Loomis Street residence. It seems to be morning. My father is still alive. The Cubitis shed seems to be in the backyard of the Loomis Street house to where it is in the south end and with the shed entrance facing the back of the house. (This is my only dream with this specific alteration.) My mind does not register this impossible setting distortion.

Near the front section of the shed, which has a dirt floor, and to the right side when going in (and facing west), is an animal enclosure of about four feet square. It is a square fenced area (of wire mesh or chicken wire) about waist high. I get the impression that it is meant to hold at least one wild boar, though the fence does not look as if it would actually hold one. I am uncertain if a wild boar is loose in the area, but I am not that concerned. I feel a bit unusual as my perception seems slightly skewed even though there is clarity. It seems something is not quite right.

My father comes to the doorway of the shed from outside. I notice a witchetty grub crawling up from the ground near the center of the enclosure. I bring my father’s attention to this event and I feel uneasy about the nature of not only what is going on but of reality itself, though it is not nightmarish, just very odd and somewhat disconcerting. My father starts laughing over my concern as I am pointing at the ground, which makes me more uneasy. The event seems to mean something important, possibly the end of the world or something else.

As a witchetty grub is associated with Australia, and being this was the date of my marriage in 1994, and the fact there is a wild boar association which links to a recurring “mystery girl” dream of very early childhood (in fact, the first more accurate occurrence), I have considered this as a form of precognition. I have also typified this as having a flight symbol association due to it being a moth larva.


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