12 Mar

Winter Cheesecake

Winter Cheesecake

Afternoon of March 12, 2018. Monday.

At the beginning of my nap’s dream (only seconds after falling asleep), where I am still semi-lucid and aware of the meaning of the autosymbolism that represents induction into the dream state, I see a hand sprinkling what could be sand, flour, or sugar. However, I am also vaguely aware of the dream-based Sandman autosymbolism. (The Sandman is a mythical character in Western and Northern European folklore who supposedly puts people to sleep and brings good dreams by sprinkling magical sand onto the eyes of people while they sleep.)

Still, my lucidity decreases somewhat and I soon absentmindedly associate it with snow. Soon, I am looking down on a scene of three people in what first seems like a winter setting (onto where the “snow” was apparently falling from the “giant” hand). One person, seemingly a child, is sitting near a sled, holding onto it. Another, an adult male, is standing and holding skis. The third is not holding anything.

I am very soon aware that I am looking at either a giant cheesecake, where the people are standing in the center of the last slice of it within a giant pie tin or the cheesecake is of normal size and it is the people that are miniature. I do not know which, as the rendering is ambiguous and I am hovering above the scene. I had been vaguely thinking of a dream my mother told me about when I was very young. She had been sledding down a hill in her dream and her sled eventually went off the edge of a giant ice cube as she woke (autosymbolic of the typical vestibular system ambiguity that occurs naturally in REM sleep and is also the main cause of falling and flying dreams).

I feel amused, cheerful, and even blessed when I wake.


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