21 Dec

Why not die?

Why not die?

I was in a party, it wasn't big there were only like 7 of us then we turn on the tv to see the news then in the news they were showing what a camera caught in a mall in which a girl like 9 year old was walking and out of nowhere stops the in less then 1 sec the camera gets blurred and then it fixes and then everyone but the girl dies, they were all landing in the floor with blood then this man like 47 years old gets scare and says that the girl was his daughter and says that she died because a demon possessed her and that he had a book on how to stop him (the demon) then out of nowhere my step brother said he was going hunting. After an hour we were all scare the demon was killing everyone in the world in china the news showed a video of how they all died then my stepbrother came in he had a ax and was covered in blood I asked him where did he go then he said hunting with a insane look in his face I realized he wanted to kill us then he starts bleeding the girl was behind him then in the room everyone was in the floor covered with blood but me, the girl takes me to the restroom I somehow braked the wall to get to the next room where her father was with the book she then kills her father I took the book and it protected me from her I opened it and saw words of how to kill the demon I said them and the girl died the demon disappeared and when I was getting out of the house really scare the demon was in the stairs I realized he killed everyone and I asked myself why not die? then I asked him why would he kill everybody? As a response he scared me which made me die.


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    • MitsukaiYuki


      Posted on Feb 15, 2017

      It's like you and the people around you were casted in a horror movie, right? Were you aware that you're just dreaming?

      • Angel Morgan
        Professional Reflector

        Angel Morgan

        Posted on Feb 15, 2017

        Hi Airtex! If this were my dream, I would think about what happened when I was 7, 9, and 11 years old (4+7=11). Death is often a metaphor for change and transformation in dreams, so I would think about how my dream mind is getting rid of old, outdated associations that aren't serving me in my life anymore. I would think about why I see my step brother as an instigator for change in my life (hunting). I would ask myself, "How have I resisted change?" and "How has facing my fears and my shadow side in this dream (demon) served me by preparing me to transform fear into courage and love?"