10 Jul

Where is General?

Where is General?

Night of August 16, 1988. Tuesday.

This was a very long “search” dream that seemed to last all night. I was wandering around in La Crosse on the south side starting out near the King Street boarding house.

I was looking for General, my cat. He was a temporary pet that was a stray that showed up and which eventually left to go his own way (or someone else started feeding him more, or whatever the situation, as cats are not loyal, especially strays). I wander around on the streets and do not see any other people or cars. The cat General only makes a few appearances. I see him running down the street as well as seeing him sleeping in the middle of the street at one point (and there is a vague concern, but again, there is no traffic of any kind though I do question why cats do this in real life). There is a light mist in some areas at times.

I feel as if the search will never end. I end up going all the way to the northside of La Crosse and back again. At times, there seems to be more than one “version” of him in different areas of the neighborhood. Of course I need to find the “real” or “non-ghost” version. Although I wander about the streets for what seems like hours, there is no sense of tiredness and it seems to stay around eleven or twelve o'clock at night for nearly an entire day. My perception seems extraordinarily clear. At times, I seem to be floating without body, incorporeal, and then back to being in human form again, and I sometimes wonder if the cat is staying mostly in “spirit form” in a similar manner at times.

Domestic cats are commonly a preconscious avatar as a “witness” to the dream state and the nature of liminal space.


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