5 Oct

When art gets caught!

When art gets caught!

THE FIRST DREAM- Friday, October 5.

Let me start by telling you that I’m going to college now. Ironically, i haven’t got time to do anything including writing down my dreams, that’s okay because I really can’t remember any of them, I thought that I lost the talent to remember them since it has been a while of trying. However, today was different because I gave myself the chance to dream... it turns out I just needed to relax.

I dreamt about an ex-lover of mine. We were in my moms bed half naked, about to have sex. I was on the top of him kissing from his lips, his neck, sliding towards his chest and I ended up in....
i won’t give a lot of details, mostly because I can’t remember the rest. Moreover, I desired his body, so I asked him If i could draw him (just like Jack and Rose in the Titanic). He agreed. Suddenly, I heard my little sister coming into the room and she caught me drawing him NAKED!!!


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