13 Feb

wedding dresses

wedding dresses

I am in a wedding dress with wedding dresses all around me


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  • Travis Wernet
    Professional Reflector

    Travis Wernet

    Posted on Feb 14, 2017

    Hi barbiejo2020. If this were my dream, I'm curious if there are any other details that I recall... No less, the imagery of "the wedding" makes me think of an inner coming together. In marriage, there's a sense of two becoming one and of opposites combining. Could my dream be showing me a way that I am or want to be finding 'union'?

      • PrincipessaMisa


        Posted on Feb 14, 2017

        everytime i dream about wedding dresses: if i'm wearing it, i may meet someone kind soon, if i see other people wearing it, it's more about troubles or sadness.