13 Nov

Upsettingly fast highway traffic

Upsettingly fast highway traffic

I? was tasked with driving the girl I? babysit to her elementary school for a parents/community night. I? had keys to both of her family’s cars. We were almost out of the neighborhood when I? realized we’d forgotten something. I? had great difficulty parking the car, and we ended up having to switch cars, leaving one in the middle of the road. It was dusk, and once we got out onto the main road, the traffic was moving unbelievably quickly. I? ended up taking a bunch of very wrong turns onto several highways. I? kept trying to get off the highway, but I? missed all of the exits and ended up lost.


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  • Pando


    Posted on Nov 15, 2017

    HI Mezzosoprhannah, Thanks for sharing your very interesting dream. If this where my dream I would try to relate to my phase in life. Maybe entering into adulthood ? is the pace ok for your ? turns and exits could be decision situations that simply come to fast for your taste ? .. It could also relate to relations . Looking forward to read more of your dreams. . best