10 Jan

Unfortunate holidays

Unfortunate holidays

FIRST DREAM- unlucky Christmas

We were celebrating Christmas at firt, I don’t know why at the beginning we were at home having fun, planning who was going to be the secret Santa. I didn’t want to be... the made a lot of papers with family members names. We picked 3 times and my name Always Cosme out. So, it was my destiny to be it! I hated the idea and I let everyone know, my family got mad at me because of it so they ignored me.

During the party, we were having dinner like nothing happened. It was a huge event, filled with people, tons and tons of it! After dinner I escaped with my little cousins whom were hungry. I found food, the problem was the we didn’t know... we are some and my mom caught us. “It’s rotten!!” She said and we all puke.

We came back to the family meeting, they were happy playing games and all. On the contrary, I was sitting on a couch. I received a call from my dad, a young girl answered the phone. I couldn’t hear her well... when I did, her voice annoyed me! She sounded like a 20 year old (just like me!)
They were at the party! I insulted her so badly she started crying, and she told her mom... then her mom insulted me. After that my dad insulted me.
In the end I called my best friend, who’s also my crush... I kept him waiting for some time after he confessed he kissed another girl, because of that he got mad and hang up.

In the end I ate ice cream, it felt to the floor and all I had left was the cone. I found chocolate and crisps. So I made a weird combination of those... but my cousin ended up eating it.


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  • Peter Folmer Sørensen

    Peter Folmer Sørensen

    Posted on Jan 10, 2019

    Friend kissing another and hanging up is like dropping and picking up icecream from the floor.