11 Jan

Twisted party

Twisted party


I had a party in my house, it was twisted due to the fact that everyone behave differently, the opposite as everyone usually does. (Starting with myself)

My sisters, best friends and my ex boyfriend! We were all drunk, except for two of my friends who always are, they were concerned about our health, the house, and so on.
I undressed myself and stayed in my underwear “let’s party!!!” I had a hose and I got everyone wet. My responsible friends were crazy drinking and undressed as well.
I smoked all the time!!! (Even though I hate cigarettes)

A few moments later my ex arrived looking like a hippie! With long hair, rounded glasses and smoking weed of course. I felt so attracted to him.. sexually specially 😅 like I never was when we dated. I kissed him instantly, took him to a private place where we could.... but when we were about to... he felt asleep 😒


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