7 Aug

Twins Again

Twins Again

In this dream I was going to some kind of trip with my husband. It had to do with a conference for his work. We had to stop by his grandparent's house to pick up some things.

The house was located in a trailer park. Once inside we saw all the improvements they had made to one of the bathrooms for one of his aunts who doesn't deserve all the expense and attention. It was very lavish.

No one was there. I had to pick up these twin babies I was supposed to take care of, but there were no instructions. My husband was getting very impatient, sitting out in his vehicle waiting for me to gather the stuff for the babies. I went searching the fridge for clues on what stage of food they were on and what I needed to be feeding them, and started gathering all their baby food jars and bottles that I could find.


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