16 May

time loop diner?

time loop diner?

in my dream it feels like it's a completely different time like the 70s or something. I'm driving a pea green 70s model car down a two lane going into a small town and see a gas station diner. I pull in and head into the Diner and there's 3 staff members who are all extremely nice to me and ask me what I want and sujest the pie. I ask every person in the diner if theve seen someone but I stay at the diner all day and night asking people who are coming and going while eating pie, until it's closing time. the staff pats me on the back and say see you tomarow. And it starts all over again?


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  • Steven Deprow

    Steven Deprow

    Posted on May 16, 2018

    And I mean exactly the same over and over again prolly 30 + times b4 I wake up ? I leave the diner and as soon as I sit in my car it's day time again? all the same people and all the same dialogs. What does it mean????

    • Bobbie Ann Pimm
      Professional Reflector

      Bobbie Ann Pimm

      Posted on May 22, 2018

      Thanks for sharing your dream, Steven. If this were my dream, I would ask myself, "How am I repeating the same patterns or thought or behavior in waking life? What mistakes do I keep repeating? Am I feeling bored? Is it time to make a change?"