12 Nov

The visit

The visit

My partner passed away and I thought I had faith in the afterlife but in reality it failed
I dreamt he visited me I felt his skin telling him it was warm when I expected the coldness of death
He let me feel his body as firm and normal and he laughed at my amazement stating he was allowed to visit when I asked if he had permission
We talked yet I forget a lot of the events
When I woke I did not remember the dream but it trickled back in memory over the day
I now , due to the very difference of this dream have HOPE that this was more than a yearning by a grieving heart


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    • DAVID


      Posted on Nov 13, 2017

      You had the dream, so you would seek out others, in the hope. I can not say who will be saved and who wont be, because I don't even know that answer, but I do know how it is set up and its workings. Most dreams I can interpret but wont, depending on the corruption of an individual. In life about 99.9% of the earths population doesn't know anything, let alone is able to interpret dreams, and the fact of the matter is, most dreams do not reflect anything from God. So when you get interpretations for your dreams, its like playing horse shoes, there can be interpretations that get close, some that miss, and a ringer here and there. Many of the dream interpretation though may be meant well, might not be about you, as it should be. Then not to mention the scammers which have abundant post on this site, but I do think that there are some caring individuals here. I think that people can be sent to you to deliver a message, and to comfort those they left behind. I to have had dreams of those who have passed on, and came to visit me. so I do believe its true. My great grandmother told me the same thing about her husband that came to visit her to tell her he was ok. They are not supposed to tell you things from heaven unless you already know them. After death, if they are not eternally married, they will revert to their family lines, just as it was before they were married. If they were not baptized in life, they are put into a holding area until one of their family members represents them in baptism. But with God if anyone were to do that for him, (anyplace in time) he is automatically resurrected upon death. Some people know this as binding and loosing, sealing or unsealing their fate, or blessing them depending on if its doom or life. Its something you will have to wrestle God over.