5 Nov

The urban race, dinner time, taking photographs

The urban race, dinner time, taking photographs

There's a contest where you can win money by participating in an obstacle course, like an urban marathon with obstacles. Only 5 people can enter the race, the best one wins the money. And I really need it, but I don't win.

Two of the winners are a friend of mine and a classmate from college. I decide to help my friend to win the race any way I can, but I don't know where she is. I am in the street, in a fancy neighborhood. There's a part of the race that is supposed to happen there. I am in the company of my best friend.

I run into my former classmate. This guy has greek ancestry and I haven't seen him since we finished college. He's trapped, tied to a lattice. His curly hair is tangled in an electric meter. It's probably a test he must pass. I ask him what position he is in the race. He tells me he doesn't know, but he has a chip in his nape where his position appears. I get close to it but he has too much hair and I can't see, plus the electric box blocks the way. I decide to help him, at least to free his hair from it. When I start to untangle the knots, my friend starts lecturing me about cheating by helping him sort his obstacle. I turn around to complain and when I look again at the guy, he has already freed himself and left.

I still don't know anything about my other friend. I ask via whatsapp. I send a message to her and then to our friends in common so they can at least wish her luck and root for her.

I come back to my house by myself. I really don't know if it's my house; it's like my family's house except it's different. It's dinner time and there are several people sitting around a long table, some of them are relatives, some are friends, others are acquaintances. My friend from the competition is there. She's very serious and she doesn't want to talk about the race. She's wearing strange make up: her face is completely white and her lips are purple. She's completely sweaty and full of bruises.

I am in conversation with some of the people there when three people get up to leave: one uncle and a couple, friends of an ex boyfriend. The three of them seem to get along: they have found out they belong to the same political party and have several friends in common. They talk for a while before leaving and for some reason I feel ignored. I get up and go to the other room, a living room. There's a small table in the middle and there's a clay kettle over it. The kettle has a long clay scorpion tail. I try to adjust it or shape it like a circle. The woman says to me: "What a nice kettle!". "Isn't it yours?" I ask, because I don't recognize it as mine. "No", she replies, awkward. While the three of them leave, I say "I wish you well!" or something like that, but they don't reply. I feel excluded.

I take a camera and I go outside to take some pictures. Now we are in a town in the south of France. I appreciate the arquitecture. It's evening. I heard my mom yelling or warning me about the camera: "they can steal your camera" or something like that. I argue that we are not in our country, so it's safe (-_-). While I walk I try to take pictures but I can focus the images. Suddenly, it's daytime. It's a beautiful day and I walk into a forrest. My cousin is there, but she's a kid, around 9 years old. She's wearing a fairy costume: white top and a green tulle skirt. The ground is full of maple leaves. It's a beautiful autumn scenery and I decide to take pictures of her, but she can't stop playing and dancing and moving. I can't capture her image and I am very frustrated. She follows me back.

Now we go to an apartment. It's the apartment where I lived during my childhood. We go to my parents' bedroom. There's an aunt there who lives in Spain and I talk about the ownership of the apartment. In the dream, my parents own that place besides their current house; it makes me very happy for them. Meanwhile I bent over the window. I want to take a picture of the great loquat tree that used to be beside the building. When I look out the window, everything goes pitch dark. It's nightime again. My cousin and I are afraid of falling of the window because it's very low; we lost a little balance and we cling on to each other, but we don't fall. I express outloud that the window is build outside construction norms and that it needs to be fixed. I support myself the best I can and I try to take pictures again. I don't see anything of what is supposed to be outside, but more images of the French town. I zoom my camera and I can see marble statues of Enlightenment philosophers. From the angle I am seeing them, they appear to be in a dinner. I try to take a picture but the camera has several issues and lags. My cousin and I are called to dinner.


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