20 Apr

the sky part 1

the sky part 1

and sure enough.. its 1:58 am just woke up every night its a similar dream something about the sky and usually doom or a huge change comes with it there were birds, i love birds whenever i see a birds in real life i feel their soul its almost like i know who they are the other day i spent 4 hours meditating in my back yard saw a bird and almost cried i cared so much about her.. "her" i knew it was a girl.. anyways the birds in my dream the looked kind of like something out of a fantasy move they were all colored and looked so pretty i could tell they were tired they had been flying a very long time i think they came all the way from china i told them they could all rest in my head but i dident even think the words in my head i felt it i was saying it through emotion if that makes sense and at first there was only a few birds flying by them more and more i felt so bad they were all so tired i started yelling out to them that i loved them and i knew everyone in the neighborhood would think im crazy but i just needed to let them know my heart chakra was just bursting with different kinds of love energy i was sending so much to all of them at once then as i got further down the rode there was hundreds of birds no longer flying but just hovering along each side of road i was on they told me it was judgement time i felt alot of fear but it quickly left knowing that it was how i felt inside that sent me to a higher or lower dimension i stoped and stood with the birds for one last moment of peace the sky started crackling with thunder no lightning yet which i knew would strike me then i awoke.. i feel like its not just in my area its the whole world watch out and be ready for the following dates, mid to late may, september 23, on either im very sure the event will take place?.... i havent posted in a long time but still keep track of my dreams and this is another pattern that has started i'll let you all know about my dream tomorrow night if i sleep.. i prayed to amba the hindu goddess that she would grant me life without food water or sleep but as i did it god said to me there are no gods before him so i said to amba that she had to go i thanked her for allowing me to serve her and she left but im going to talk to god cuz in a sense amba and all gods are just a part of the one true god yamaha or allah whatever you want to call him/her


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  • Travis Wernet
    Professional Reflector

    Travis Wernet

    Posted on Apr 20, 2017

    Hi DreamsAreReality. If this were my dream, I note the clear experience of apparently connecting with the real dream of these birds. Archetypically, birds are the messengers of spirit, and here it seems they are allowing me to connect with their feelings and thoughts. I suspect that they are tired because they have to work hard to survive, which appears to be an intuitive thread that stands out to me in my concern for survival needs. In a very real way, the dream is telling me that Spirit is contacting me in my human experience and this is an invitation to connect what's "on the lower plane/the earth" with what's on the "upper levels/the spiritual domain". Could my dream be showing me that the unique invitation of being alive and being human now has to do with unifying spirit and matter, the bird intelligence with the body and my own humanity?