13 Sep

The mask of surprise

The mask of surprise

(background info for the dream my mother was killed 5 to 6 years ago)

So it starts out with me in an elevator going up to the 10th floor, the elevator dings and the doors open slowly and as they open I hear a woman screaming, and my senses heighten and i look up and see two people just beating this woman senselessly and i yell at them to stop and I start running down the hall and they run into one of the rooms and slam the door. I turn to the woman who has a mask on her face and blood is just flowing from behind the mask and her arms, I kneel down and touch the mask it's cold, heavy, and metallic as I try to lift it off she screams for me to stop as I look around I see it's got spikes and screws in it. I apologize and tell her I'm calling 911 as im on the phone with the operator the door slowly opens. The woman says please stop them dont let them come back dont let them hurt me anymore. I said the police and paramedics are on the way I'll stand here and make sure they dont hurt you again. She said they wont come out of the room you need to drag them out by force and she said what would you do if they did this to a loved one of yours. So I ran in and went around the corner of the room and saw another door one of them tried to sneak up behind me and I hit him and threw him down and he started to cry and beg for mercy and I said did you give that woman out there that why should I give it to you and he said I just do as my brother does i have no will of my own and as i tried to look at his face it looked hollow almost as if he was just a floating pair of eyes with a mouth but nothing else was present. So I asked where his brother was and he said I cant tell you because you'll hurt him and me so I kick him in his empty head and he screams and his brother comes running out and tackles me we wrestle for a bit and I hear the front door slam and it startles us so I throw the one brother off and when I saw his eyes they were blood red and that's all he had almost like staring at a faceless demon. As I stand up and go to the door the woman is standing at the door I hear her laugh I ask if all is okay and she said yes my son, I take two steps back and I feel this sharp pain in my chest and abdomen and I drop to my knees breathing heavily and as I look up she rips off the mask and it's my own mother im shocked and ask why she laughs and said because...and she forces the mask on my face kicks me to the ground and stomps it on my face and as she is about to deliver the blow that kills me I awake.


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  • Michelle Dill

    Michelle Dill

    Posted on Sep 14, 2018

    wow this almost sounds like some kind of horror movie! I'm sorry for the loss if your mom!