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The Heron’s Elongated Beak

The Heron’s Elongated Beak

Morning of September 8, 1968. Sunday.

I deliberately “step into” a chosen dream setting in my last dream of the morning, though I do not remain lucid. It is our Cubitis living room, but with different features. This setting is otherwise a rendering of the first area I see when leaving my bedroom in reality. The time seems to be early morning, around sunrise, the same time as when I “went in”. I sense that I am the only person present in our house (even though my parents are in the house in reality).

It comes to my attention that a great blue heron is trapped in our wood stove in the northeast corner of our living room. It is visible from the lowest part of the neck and up, thus somehow protruding from the top of this implied cage from an apparent opening. I am somewhat wary of it being in our house. Its beak grows longer as I watch, remaining in a horizontal orientation and pointing southward, never moving from side to side. I hold concern that it will become so long as to reach through the hallway (though it would have to curve if it did), out the back door at the end of the hallway (to the south) and possibly even around the world and back to where no one would be fully safe from it. This does not happen but I still decide to attempt to escape through the hallway (rather than going out the front door or back into my bedroom).

The bird does not make any sound. Its eyes seem very lifelike. I think that after going down the hallway that I could hide in the bathroom. The beak would have to turn at a ninety degree angle as well as go through the door but I am not focused on that line of reasoning other than very vaguely. As I walk through the bathroom’s doorway, I have a soft awakening (no noticeable physical hypnopompic event).

Following is a detailed study in subliminal waking trepidation as sustained by the dream self in “The Heron’s Elongated Beak” (September 8, 1968) on Sunday, 16 July 2017:

This dream is based on subliminal expectancy of the lower back spasm, a common physical jolt that only occurs in certain levels of consciousness between sleeping and waking (similar to the hypnopompic leg kick or abdominal jolt but experienced through different symbolism). In this case, my dream self successfully avoided it, though not with lucid intent (and possibly by coincidence as the event horizon occurs with various levels of presence and intensity, sometimes fading in an identical manner as an expected sneeze sometimes does). Being jabbed in the lower back by a bird’s beak or a variety of other features (such as a dog’s nose, knife, or arrow) was more common in childhood dreams and is also linked to certain forms of apex lucidity. This is a real-time biological event and its in-dream premonitory symbolism has nothing to do with the conscious self’s day to day reality.

In other dreams such as “The Buzzard’s Beak (October 4, 1969), I did not "escape” the bird beak’s assault or lower back spasm as I did in this dream.

Precognitive thread: The exact appearance of the wood stove and its location and orientation did not exist in reality until years later when I was a teenager. My parents did not own a wood stove in Florida up until a few years before we moved back to Wisconsin. I could not have known about the appearance, location, or orientation, as my father did not even build the chimney for it until years later, so there was no reason for it to be placed here in my dream based on any likely expectation. (Additionally, my dream’s date was a specific marker to when we first got the wood stove.)

Going down the hallway into the bathroom relates the need to get up and use one in reality. Although the hallway can imply conduit symbolism (real-time consciousness shift) it may be incidental in this case. A doorway typically symbolizes (in real time) a dream’s exit point (though often serves as lucid induction).

Preconscious waking induction of the emergent consciousness as features related to flight (birds, airplanes, flying saucers, my dream self in flight, and so on) have occurred in over 18,000 of my known dreams (excluding microdreams and other types), but usually with unique dynamics.


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    Posted on Jul 16, 2017

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