20 Apr

The girl in the pink hoodie Again!!

The girl in the pink hoodie Again!!

In the dream,I woke up in a rather old and slightly damp room. I was naked and found myself lying in a bed wrapped in a blanket. I noticed many women outside. I knew this is some sort of Indian brothel. I quickly remembered it's my sister's wedding. The next thing I remember I was at home. There was no one there. I felt tensed. I was getting too late for the occasion. I was wearing a white sherwani- a special South Asian dress that men wear in weddings. Since I was the brother of the bride I must wear this like my father and other close male relatives of the family. I reached my hand to the pocket to grab my phone thinking they must be worried sick I wasn't there yet. My heart sank when I found no phone there. I must have left it at the brothel. Next I found myself in the same damp room in the brothel looking for my phone. Then I was at the mall where the wedding party was being held. It was at the top floor. I took my phone in my hand only to see 30 missed calls from mother. She must be angry I thought. I was quite sad for some reason and felt no interest in joining the wedding thinking I won't be missed anyway. I walking around the ground floor of the mall rather aimlessly watching other people as they were strolling around in groups happily, when I saw the girl in the pink hoodie walking down the central escalator. She stopped when I stared at her. I couldn't look at face since it was covered by the hoodie. But I felt her cold dead stare making me uncomfortable.I felt a cold shiver going down my spine and then I suddenly woke up.


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  • Travis Wernet
    Professional Reflector

    Travis Wernet

    Posted on Apr 20, 2017

    HI Johan Albert. If this were my dream, it's telling that I am relating to so many different kinds of womanly energies. I note the contrast between the brothel and the wedding - one is a "hidden" reality and the other is a very open and public one. The action with my phone is symbolic of me "getting the message" of the dream itself. The whole dream is a comment on where I am with my own feminine side and the woman/women in me. It shows me this scene and my connected feelings so that I might co-create deep and abiding fulfillment and joy. It also all seems to culminate in the girl with the pink hoodie... Is the reason I can't see her face due to the fact that I am being invited to attend to a kind of union where my previously devalued (brothel-like side) is trying to help me move and grow into a more celebratory and "in the pink" side as related to my own feminine being?

    • Johan Albert

      Johan Albert

      Posted on Apr 21, 2017

      Thank you for the wonderful analysis :) . You have pointed out some very important points I must think about :)