15 Mar

The Girl

The Girl

Last night I dreamt that my family and I were visiting South Africa. We stayed at a broken down, cheap and wooden house. Then one day in our vacation, my whole family went out for a little shopping, but they left me behind. I was scared, so I went to the nearest house and there I saw a woman with her two daughters, one three years old and the other, about my age. They told me to come in, so I did and we played a lot of games and stuff. But the image of how I saw them was weird. Everything went slow-motion and the air got grey and foggy. But after playing with them, I found out that the girl my age was called Tabiha. I don't know any Tabiha in my life BTW. then at night, Tabiha and I walked back to my house, and my parents soon pulled up in our black car. My mother came out and asked me where I went and I explained everything, and she started shouting me for going out alone when I was "too young". Then I turned around and saw the beautiful girl Tabiha wave at me and in slow-motion, walk away. And the dream ended, dramatically.


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  • Travis Wernet
    Professional Reflector

    Travis Wernet

    Posted on Mar 16, 2017

    Hi Dreamerzzz. If this were my dream, I sense that the young Tabiha is a soul version of me in some way. The fact my family (what's familiar) leaves tells me that I am somehow gaining a greater level of self-hood here. It seems the dream wants me to see that I am stretching beyond past authoritative limits, and hence, tells me of my growth in some fashion. Since it all takes place in South Africa, I would wonder what my connection to that place might be - if I have no apparent tie, I would wonder why "south" and why "Africa" (and might think about what those directions and names mean, both personally and universally)?