7 Jan

The document, the school district and a love story

The document, the school district and a love story

I am doing errands around town with my boss. We are walking by a neighborhood close from work; it's a very busy commercial district full of whole price stores.

We are supposed to go to a civil registration office to get a document. We enter into an old and depressive office full with state employees. They are very rude to us and they say they can't provide the document we need, that we are supposed to go to an office that it's in another district. I insist but they say they won't help us. I ask for directions to the other office but they won't even provide that. I take my cellphone to look for the address in Google Maps but I haven't paid my phone bill so I don't have service, and I have to ask my boss for his cellphone.

I am feeling kind of guilty, like I was supposed to know that office didn't provide the document. I say to my boss that I think I know my way to the other office.

We are now in the other district, walking. The street is full of potholes and sometimes my boss takes my hand to help me cross them. Then he grabs my hand to cross the streets, like I am a little girl, or one of his kids. I feel very awkward about it.

I am leading the way but it feels like the office is further and further away. There's a building complex in the middle of the street blocking the way towards our destination. It's a school, a very prestigious one. We are in a huge block with at least 5 schools all contiguous to the other, separated by fences. All of them have large premises, with several yards and buildings, and each one has its own architectural style. One actually has a neoclassical church, all painted in pink and yellow.

Suddenly I don't see my boss around anymore. I am going to call him but I realize I still have his cellphone. I go through these schools trying to get out of the complex.

I run into an old classmate of mine who I haven't seen since second grade. He acts all casanova towards me. I am having fun but I don't give into his advances. Finally he says: "you are seeing someone, right?". "Yeah", I say. He says he's happy for me and gives me a hug. Then he says that he always acts like that, he always jumps to try to hit on any girl he meets. "I am really not like that, I am not myself, but I can't help it", he says, with sadness. Then he adds that he hasn't been lucky in his love life and starts talking about it.

I remember he says he first dated a girl name Eli, his first love, when he was very young. They broke up with her because she was very complicated. Then she met Meli, or Melissa, who was very sweet, but he broke up with her because he still had feelings for Eli, since they were still meeting. He has been on and off with Eli for more than a decade but it never works out for them. Now he's single. He says he loves her but he understands that she's not for him. "The only thing I want is to get her out of my head and move on", he says. I give him a hug and I say it will turn out great for him.


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    Bobbie Ann Pimm

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