15 Jan

The Choice

The Choice

It all started in my schools gym. Every boy in my class lined up in alphabetical order on the stage. First was Owen, the guy in my class that everyone likes. The girls awaited on the gym floor. The point of this drill was so that every boy could say who they liked. Owen said my name. This freaked me out because I had never thought of him in that way. We went onto a yoga mat to makeout. I remember him gasping and the air coming out of his mouth being warm and refreshing on my face. After about 5 minutes he went back to the stage, and me to the floor. Next was Hayden He also picked me and I remember me sucking on his nipple, how weird right. I was looking over at Owen making out with this fat ugly girl who used to go to my school, it made me laugh. I felt no jealousy. Next was Aiden. He is fat, dumb, and ugly too. He picked Emma, the most popular girl. They madeout and and I remember it being funny to watch because she was so grossed out and he was so into it. Am I a bad person?


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  • Angel Morgan
    Professional Reflector

    Angel Morgan

    Posted on Mar 9, 2017

    Hi GreekGodess! If this were my dream, I would think in the dream I am connecting with different masculine parts of myself, and that other feminine and masculine parts of myself are connecting with each other. I would look at the dream as an opportunity to look beyond the flesh of each of these people I know from school, identify what their Real qualities are, and figure out what I identify with (or not) about each of them. I would also ask myself, "How does this dream reflect how I feel about these boys and girls in waking life?" and "How can I look beyond the surface to know any of them better as a path to knowing myself better too?"

    • Seb


      Posted on Aug 24, 2017

      I believe sometimes our dreams show us things we try to hide from ourselves, e.g. secret desires. In the dream, you seemed amused at fat people making out with supposedly attractive/popular people. Your awake mind, however, feels that there is something "wrong" about this impulse. That doesn't make you a bad person, I don't think. It means you're sensible enough to know to hide certain impulses that might upset others or not be socially cool. If we are honest, we all have stuff like that. It makes us all human :) I might even add a wild assumption that your different parts are integrating in a non-judgmental way, seeing as "ugly" people are kissing the "popular", which in our culture probably wouldn't happen often. I believe this may be a good sign! Is the yoga mat important? What might it mean? Who or what does Owen represent to you? He seems to be the part of you that all other parts like and are attracted to. Is it the same Owen from your hunger games dream? Sounds pretty significant. Who is Owen to you?