5 Nov

The boy with Down syndrome in the pool

The boy with Down syndrome in the pool

I am with my family in a long and narrow inside public pool (it just two lanes of an olympic pool). There are many objects floating there. There's a long mat and over it, there's a boy with Down syndrome. He's helpless and he's afraid of the water. I swim there to help him move through the pool. My parents ask me why am I helping him, as if I shouldn't . His answer makes me very, very angry. For me, helping him is not a question, it's a given.


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  • Oscar Chip

    Oscar Chip

    Posted on Nov 8, 2018

    Hi beesknees, may be your parents didnt help him or didn't want you to help him so he stops thinking he is in need to survive. May be they thought that helping him may hurt his self confidence to learn swim. May be they preferred to wait until things get out of control