13 Nov

The beige 'w'

The beige 'w'

I dreamt that I was having sex with my boyfriend but he was actually the letter "w" and was beige in color. It felt amazing . you could have sex with different letters. But the "w" felt the best. Also you got these letters to hump. By digging them up in the woods. The older letters (only way I can describe it) were black and burried in the back of the woods all grown over and forgotten about..... So. I am on the hunt for a "w" now ????


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  • Eric


    Posted on Nov 15, 2017

    What concepts come to mind around the letter W ?

    • Alnur Davis

      Alnur Davis

      Posted on Nov 24, 2017

      lmao!!! wth?????????? no offense there are no if and's or buts about it.... you are definitely M.I.C.A lol ( if you are not sure what each letter means just google)