5 Oct

Surviving the skytrain

Surviving the skytrain

THE FOURTH DREAM- Friday, October 5.

I had to take my grandma to the hospital. We had the route wrong so we got out of the train to find out where to go, my mom and my aunt catch up with us.
We heard an alarm “remain calm and evacuate” the trains stopped and everyone obey the instructions. We were about to get out when suddenly i saw my grandma run pulling me with her, she saved me from a train that had no direction, it destroyed everything. The station collapsed and everything started to fall. We managed to get out but just before I was about to enter to the exit door... I saw a trapped gorilla and another one trying to get it out. I couldn’t leave them there!
So I approached and both of its legs were smashed by rocks, I was able to get them off but as soon as I did that the gorilla started to bleed out. I tried to stop the bleeding but it was too late, he died.


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