15 Mar

Subway line, Destination: Past love

Subway line,  Destination: Past love

the beginning is a little bit numb, i was at the subway, confused and lost, visiting lots of stations and a place in my city (something like the new york time square) i did it for a very long time, like 90% of the dream or something, dream scenario changes, i'm at a city that i visited before, and love it, i want to live there, my ex lives there (the most intense
relationship i ever had), me and my father were at a footbridge visiting the tourist places, looking at a old historical building (well preserved, beatiful not so high also), i thought "amazing, the city is modern, but they preserved the city history, that buidilng must be
one of the first to be built, most likely at the city founding" there was a strange tunnel/viaduct, modern, green also (at the same footbridge height) i asked my father "is that a subway line?", he says "maybe", i tought "i think i know wich subway line it is" had the feeling of being in that line before also, i decide to look down the footbridge, so i can see more of the city, me ex face were there staring at me (like she was climbing the footbridge) she was spying or something, look at her face make me feel strange, intense emotions, it was good to see her again, i noticed she didn't had freckles, i thought this is a dream, dream ends

the tunnel/viaduct was going up or down, i don't remember exactly

me and my ex used to ride by subway all the time

São Paulo is like New York, heavily populated, stressful, and the other city peaceful, clean.



  • Travis Wernet
    Professional Reflector

    Travis Wernet

    Posted on Mar 16, 2017

    HI Bruno Dante. If this were my dream, it's showing me that there's a feminine power in me that is a lot like my ex, at the very least. There's also an old energy here in the olden city that relates to my connection with soul. I get an "aha!" about the new and the old co-existing alongside one another too - so the dream says something about the continuum of my inner and outer life and growth, related the a Fathering energy and the Feminine, but also relative to what's underground in me and I take the "steps" towards connecting with all this via the "footbridges" in my psyche. Am I at all aware right now of a move towards acting and being based on my own "natural" ability to move in life?

    • Bruno Dante

      Bruno Dante

      Posted on Mar 16, 2017

      Hi Travis, make a lot of sense, what "feminine" means in dream interpretation, other people here on dremcloud said something related to "feminine" i'm confused,