11 Aug

dreaming perspective.what's it mean?

 dreaming perspective.what's it mean?

Dream starts...
I'm at dads old house in front room playing around on a desktop just waiting. I keep looking down the hall at his bedroom door that's closed, waiting for something or someone. Not knowing what was coming next I wait ,but not in fear or worry not even wonder just mostly anxious and ready. A few moments pass then I hear footsteps down the hall and into kitchen, I turn to see my dad standing there looking in fridge wearing nothing but a pair of kakii shorts,
my dad passed just several months before this dream in real life, granddad passed weeks later.Although this is a dream I am still aware of the fact that my dad has been dead for many months now and so is he,but still I'm not afraid,confused,or nervous only happy to see him again.

Noticing him looking in fridge as if he was hungry was kinda odd since i knew he was dead but still I tell him about a pizza I got and he could have it if he was hungry .I asked him a few questions and he answered them for me mostly short no or yes answers as he ate but, then I asked if he had seen pop,which was my grandpa and recently died as well in real life.

He said no but he knew of his passing then said"where I am its alot different than here,its not the same and the people here you can remember but you know their no longer apart of your jouney". As he spoke I listened and tried to understand him but also couldnt help to notice his mood or state. He didn't have any type of human emotions not exactly emotionless but more like content and as he spoke I felt it was almost different than how he use to be like he really came from a place where his understanding surpassed that of mine or any other person I could think of,so I just tried to hear what he said and listen to him the best I could. He then told me that where he was is temporary and he's just waiting, I asked for what and how long was he to wait", He really didn't say what or who he was waiting on or for but did mention that the time was different for me and him.he said" Time is not the same for us but different where I am and you wouldnt understand". I can tell he wants to share with me something, anything just to have that time to connect like we use to, at least for me and my memories if nothing else. He said close your eyes and see, I closed them and heard his voice as he began to speak of a beautiful place with huge trees that stood tall across the land, And how the weather was always perfect. As he went on describing to me this place I could see it as he saw it in my mind like a vision, I saw the same tall standing trees and thick,beautiful,vivid green grass that covered the land,I felt the suns rays on my skin as they brightly shine through the tall trees I smell fresh air and feel a gentle relaxing breeze graze my face and bring me peace I see beautiful meadows that pick up right where the wood line ends and I hear my dads voice say "through the meadow is the center of clear cut where I wait", i then see this open field like area with short green grass around this disk snapped opening was tall beautiful trees and all was fine in that moment as a peaceful Zen like state fell over me and a calming mood was all I knew."He said Im waiting to go home, just waiting to go home".

I was then vigorously shaken awake by my wife in real life. She had been calling me over and over from cell trying to wake me up so I could get ready for work.my alarm clock had been going off when I awoke and she claimed she shook me because she started to get worried because I wasn't waking up and she had been yelling my name and moving the bed I was in, Just trying to get me up. I've never really been a light sleeper but not that deep of a sleeper by far. More than not I wake up to my alarm within the first few seconds to the first minute it begins going off and my cell stays right by my head on nightstand with volume on loud, so that was kinda weird she couldn't get me to wake up until she shook me really hard. Also I've never really thought about a resting place between heaven and our souls because what would be the point,I always thought it was kinda simple die,judgment,enternal life up or down. But after this crazy real,vivid and visual dream, I mean I not only remember it exactly but also knew things like my dad was an had been dead at point of dream and he knew that too, the way he was as far as emotions and being differwnt,then in detail not only telling me about but also showing me is place I've never been or even thought of and never would probably cause like I said didn't see why there would be a resting place between here and there. Also felt like a nervous energy when I woke up kinda like you got when you had an F on your report card and knew your parents wasn't going to be happy at all about it. Like I seen or heard information most people will never know of. My wife told me of purgatory which we looked up online because didn't really know much about it and found some information on it and basically an idea for its existence which I won't get into,Google it. But,we also found a small black and white pic of what some people believe it would look like or have compared it to and in the picture was a small. Opened up meadow with big trees all around it and when I saw it I thought it was crazy how it looked almost identical to my dream. And not to mention I didn't even know anything about this place I have my beliefs but purgatory I guess never really went with what I believed in. Anyways thought I would share and see what you guys thought be easy tho please don't always tell my crazy dreams,thoughts,or ideas to a community page full of strangers?


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