13 Mar

Strange Driving Mishaps and Jensen Ackles

Strange Driving Mishaps and Jensen Ackles

Morning of August 2, 2017. Wednesday.

Actor Jensen Ackles features as my dream’s only known character but my dream self does not associate him either as an actor or as the Dean Winchester character from “Supernatural”. He drives for a short time and parks his car. He remains cheerful and is not involved in any of the mishaps. He watches the strange traffic events for a time.

I am in an unknown area looking at an unfamiliar street. There is a vague association with the Loomis and Gillette Street intersection in La Crosse.

I see a car that seems to be a replica of a Ford Model A. I expect another car to crash into it but this does not happen. Instead, the car inexplicably turns onto its side yet is still somehow moving through the traffic as such with no apparent surprise or concern from the unfamiliar driver. This event puzzles me.

Eventually, when I expect other cars to have mishaps, they do. At one point, someone drives their car on the external wall of an apartment building, about halfway up, defying gravity, and likely trying to get past the chaotic events on the street. It moves along horizontally with its wheels somehow remaining on the external wall.

In the last scene, I try to summon a car by will, knowing it will be mine. I see a white van, but I am not sure I want it to become mine, as I am envisioning a fancy car to show off to a few unfamiliar dream characters who are standing around near the curb. After some strange cars go by at times, some of them missing major parts, I eventually get into one when it stops. It turns out to be a 1940s Roadster that is only about half of its correct size. When I am in it, I can barely fit, but I still drive along until I wake.

I know this dream is unrelated to waking life for a number of reasons. Firstly, it is of a type of dream I have experienced since childhood and which stems from my interest in demolition derbies. This dream type also always occurs with a specific subtle form of lucidity, and the understanding of causing events with anticipation or focused expectation. It occurs when my dream self is unaware of being in the dream state, yet a subliminal thread of my conscious self identity understands that it is a dream, and thus is obviously focused on the nature and response of the dream state rather than waking life.

The summoning intent and understanding in the last scene is typically more a factor of semi-lucidity and full lucidity, though I am closer to waking in this case.

Jensen Ackles is the personified RAS precursor here, but does not become active, as my dream self subliminally initiates the waking transition.

In many of my non-lucid dreams since childhood, cars are often too small for me to get into. A car in my dreams is typically an autosymbolic rendering of my real physical body as subliminally perceived in sleep, so as a result, the attempt of getting in a car creates a factor of ambiguity. That is evidenced here when a car still moves about on its side to indicate a connection to the fact that I am sleeping on my side at the time.

This dream type, in which very little of my conscious self identity is extant, is more likely to hold more of the factor of subliminal lucidity, which validates that dreams are more about the level of unconsciousness and the dream state itself than waking life (other than when prescient or as a literal carryover from waking life).

An intersection is autosymbolism for neural gating in the dream state, metaphorically representing the choices of either continuing the dream or waking. Typically, as here, the street representing the direction of sustained dreaming is more likely to have dream-based autosymbolism (the car on its side as a reference of me sleeping on my side).


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