10 Jan

Spending a day in massive waterpark

Spending a day in massive waterpark

The dream was set in 2007. I was at a Waterpark🌊🏞🌃with my best friend Andreas. The waterpark was the size of an entire city🌃. It even had it's own beach🏖. It was such a long dream I can't remember much. It was very colorful and had it's own Wal⭐Mart. Me and Andreas rode a boat on a fast river to it's beach.

I got into a life guard tower thinking it's a water sniper tower waiting to soak people🌊. After I was done with that, I went to a point where there were Jet skis🚤set up at a huge ramp which people could floor it and jump. It would be so much fun to throw someone off mid air. Justin Burdett was there at one point with his friends making fun of George Bush and other national leaders. I can't remember what he said.

It ended me sliding down a waterslide built into a mountain side⛰. When I spending a day, I really mean it. It's hard to remember and I can't even remember it in the right order entirely.


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