16 Jul



15 July 2017
I dreamt I was going for a walk in a pristine stunning natural environment. It was on the coast and reminded me of Alaska. The ground sparkled. In the earth there were sparkly minerals, maybe diamonds. There was an extremely steep hill that was virtually vertical and it looked impossible to climb, but it sparkled and I did it and it was easy and rewarding and beautiful.
The ocean was lapping at the sparkling coast. Everything was perfect and beautiful and impossibly stunning. When I reached the end of my walk I exited out of something perhaps a door or a gate into a normal ordinary everyday mundane plain world. I felt that the message was that it’s easy to get to this spectacular place. It’s just through this “door” and you can go any time. You always have access to it whenever you choose to go there.
I am feeling that it was maybe a message about meditation or my mind. I’m living in a plain world that sometimes seems ugly and boring and monotonous and routine. But whenever I want to I have access to this amazing phenomenal sparkling world.


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  • Maria Carla Cernuto
    Professional Reflector

    Maria Carla Cernuto

    Posted on Jul 16, 2017

    Hi ClearWater! If this were my dream I would imagine it may be speaking about waking life challenges as I reach for my higher aspirations (steep hill), there may be difficulties but the rewards are worth it (diamonds). Alternately, I thought the diamonds within the earth may represent my inner talents or that illumination comes from within (sparkling). I would ask myself, "How does my dream suggest that some mundane opportunity (gate) may bring extraordinary rewards?"