8 Dec

Werewolf at sixflags

Werewolf at sixflags

I was in sixflags. They were about to close the park and a small group of people including me were able to ride one last time, I sat in the last carriage of the superman roller coaster.
Trust me, I know the path like the palm of my hand. This time it was different, it had more twisted areas, it was faster than before. Unfortunately, at the most dangerous Point my safe belt broke down! I can’t remember how I got safe and sound.

And I think I had another dream but it was at the park so I think that is all together..

So this time I’m with a group of people having dinner, they were interviewing me to see if I could be a good babysitter. I was doing great! The whole family of the kid was there, and they made me feel welcomed. Until I realized they had POWERS! They said “you are the one!” First, the grandpa fainted and he turned into a giant wolf with shiny green eyes, he started to chase us.

Then the mother turned into a giant tiger also with green shiny eyes! She started to fight the wolf. It was a close fight, they both gave up and decided to get me.
I wanted powers to defend myself.

In the end I saw Demi Lovato singing with the crowd.


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