19 May

Sitting for the SAT

Sitting for the SAT

Morning of May 19, 2017. Friday.

I am in an unfamiliar room which seems to be part of a school. Still, there is a large sink present. There are school desks perpendicular to the sink and counter. I get the impression that something is causing the water to overflow. A pencil and at least two shirts had been deliberately stuck into areas (by mischievous students, it seems) to keep the water running while the sink does not drain. It is not that common for water induction (as dream state induction) to have negative frustrating implications as here (as even many flood dreams do not have negative associations). I remove the pencil and clothes while complaining about someone jamming it and possibly causing water to ruin the wood (from it running over the top of the sink to the wall).

Later, I am looking through about six or seven comic books. Curiously, an old classmate, Ann L, is whispering to me about different things. She seems to think I am too old to be reading comic books (as I seem about eighteen or so in my dream). I show her that some of them are adult comics but she does not seem to understand. There is also a Woody Woodpecker comic book, but its content relates to a human farmer doing work with a tractor in a barnyard. (This scene is bizarre on another level, as Ann L had not even crossed my mind even once in many years, so I have no idea how or why this character appeared.)

The teacher had not been present all this time and some of the students had left. Others are annoyed. The (unfamiliar) teacher arrives in a taxi. At this point, the setting has changed and seems modeled after my high school’s open lunch break area near the school chuckwagon (though there is the typical ambiguity of a combined indoor-outdoor essence). We are going to take the SAT test. I read through several pages of the test. Interestingly, even though I am not lucid, the writing is clear to read and does not change at any time. One phrase says, “Describe a dream you had, in detail”. Another says, “Describe why you are angry at this test”. There is one area where I write my name as well as needing to fill in the circles that contain the letters of my name. I am aware that whatever handwriting is on the pages is read by OCR, the filled-in circles by the original method.

Without realizing it until later, the induction event was partly precognitive. After waking, it turns out that Zsuzsanna had discovered that a window we had not used in a long time was jammed. Part of the problem was a pencil with a strange figure on the eraser end that was not one of ours. I had to use a screwdriver to pry part of the frame out (both the vertical part and the sill) to get the window to become unstuck (though it may also have gotten like this from rainwater swelling it slightly). I had my dream before Zsuzsanna noticed this, though at least one dream per day (validated to have been seemingly continuous even before we met in reality by looking at her old journals) is based on something she had been thinking about just previously without telling me, usually the most unusual or unlikely feature or event - which validates a possible biological factor relevant to survival. Still, as in this case, the precognitive element is sometimes mixed in as composite synthesis (though often all the visual dynamics are exact). However, Zsuzsanna also told me she used a wire to unblock the laundry sink recently (and had not told me) and aside from the typical debris, found an artist’s paintbrush stuck in it.


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