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Shower Imposers

Shower Imposers

Morning of February 17, 2017. Friday.

During water induction (my most consistent form of autosymbolism for dream state entry, as water is autosymbolism for sleep and the dynamics of the dream state), I find myself in the shower on the second floor of the King Street boarding house. I get the impression that I am still living in the L-shaped room at the end of the hall (though I have not lived there since the 1980s). A young version of Zsuzsanna (who has never been to America let alone King Street) is in my apartment at the end of the hall. The opaque sliding door of the shower is halfway open. Zsuzsanna walks around in my apartment. Curiously, both the south bathroom wall is missing as well as my apartment’s north wall, so the shower can be viewed directly from that apartment. (Missing walls as well as the ability to see through otherwise solid walls is a fairly common feature in my dreams and has been since early childhood. This is associated with the “mystery girl” of my dreams having lived in a house with missing exterior walls. This turned out to be true regardless of its high unlikelihood; that is, Zsuzsanna lived at one time as a child in an incomplete house with missing exterior walls in an area of New South Wales called Heaven.)

I realize that I still have clothes on. This is very annoying and I take them off, but they are somehow on again later. I also notice a pair of tennis shoes near the end of the bathtub. These apparently belong to a very old man who comes in to get them and he soon leaves without speaking. While still showering, I begin to get more annoyed at having to remove my clothes more than once (but that does not trigger the realization I am dreaming).

Somehow, several unfamiliar people end up in the shower with me (though of course there would not be enough room in reality), and I can barely move. This soon changes though, as part of the typical illogical sequencing of the dream state. I eventually notice that part of the east wall (directly beyond the end of the bathtub) is also not present. An older version of Zsuzsanna is making sounds of arousal but I can only see her from just above her knees and downward.

The north wall (adjacent to the bathtub) also seems to not be present. There seems to be a mostly featureless room, but which may also be part of the same bathroom as there is a drain in the floor.

Becoming annoyed in a dream at the realization that I am wearing clothes has occurred since childhood (not just with shower dreams or those where I am in bed, though my non-lucid dream self most often does not focus on whether I am dressed or not anyway). There are a number of reasons for this. One, the association with being embarrassed with the idea of “sleeping in my clothes”, which is proof of liminal dream state awareness (as why would my dream self associate with the idea I am sleeping unless I was somehow liminally aware I was in the dream state, even though with liminal dream control I do not even remember what a dream is). Two, this sometimes throws off my association with phasing through walls or flying up and out of a dream (only being aware that it is a dream in the last moments - though as if I subliminally knew the entire time). The idea I am wearing clothes occasionally interferes with my association with being incorporeal, or in some cases, even with a greater corporeal full-body flying ability. There are other reasons depending on the dream type. In the majority of my more vivid flying dreams (not always lucid) I am only in a bed sheet or cloak. Ultimately, it is natural to have dreams of not wearing clothes, as I do not sleep in my clothes. Wearing clothes in a dream is an unusual distortion caused by the lack of awareness of the self in unconsciousness and its actual physical status (unless one is dressed while sleeping, though the weight of a bed sheet probably causes this distortion in most cases).

Regarding my dream’s cause and meaning, this is simply a typical form of RAS mediation and modulation as the waking alert factor, often activated by way of the preconscious and its personification and the sense of intrusion. As my dream self in non-lucidity is a fictitious entity, any perceived link to my conscious self identity in waking life in some levels of unconsciousness can potentially be viewed as an “intruder” (just as someone half-asleep might perceive an environmental sound, even a noise made by a family member, as liminal evidence of an “intruder”). This is one of those common factors of dreams of which many people cannot grasp at all.


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