12 Aug

Sex. Constantly.

Sex. Constantly.

This isn't a post about one specific dream - I will post some of them later but I'm just curious about the amount of sex dreams I've been having lately. The dreams are generally with my partner but also - strangers - celebrities - anyone really. Always male. The sex is very primal and never missionary and all about just getting off. Specifically me. No romance, involved. And it is always very vivid and I can feel everything and 9/10 climax in my sleep.

Just curious as to why this is happening and so frequently and what it means?


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  • Jaim79


    Posted on Aug 14, 2017

    I have dreams like this if I fall asleep in the mood or if I'm not having enough sex. I've even woke up in the middle of having an orgasim. Sometimes I'll tell my husband "I've been having a lot of sex dreams" as a hint that we need more intimate activities between us.