20 Apr

Scary old woman

Scary old woman

I remember a woman coming toward me with a cubicle soaked cloth. She was small and white haired with a ponytail. She approached slowly to the right side of my bed... she was going to suffocate me with the washcloth. Or was so scary. I swatted at her and woke up thinking she was beside me.


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  • Angel Morgan
    Professional Reflector

    Angel Morgan

    Posted on Apr 20, 2017

    Hi sleepingkate! If this were my dream, death in dreams is often a metaphor for change and transformation, so I would think about what feels like it could change or transform in my life that I am resisting. I would see the little old lady as an older part of myself that is trying to help me make a clean (washcloth) transition. On the other hand, I would ask myself if there is someone I know with white hair and a ponytail who is making me feel "suffocated" or taking up my personal space (even if perhaps well-intentioned). I would see waking up thinking she was beside me as a normal part of hypnopompic imagery that happens when we wake up suddenly during the REM stage (which can be multi-sensory and feel extremely realistic). I would ask myself, "How can writing about who this little old lady is and what she represents to me help me get to know that part of myself better?" and "How do I feel afraid of getting older?"