20 Apr

Scared out of my sleep!

Scared out of my sleep!

My dream was mostly about being in an old building that I once worked at when I was younger. I saw people that were familiar along with famous TV personalities - Herman Munster and Grandpa from The Munsters - people were talking to me just before or as they were "turning" into zombies. All through what I can remember is that I could not find a huge bottle of sleeping medication that I had recently reduced in usage, which I believe has kept me from dreaming for so long. Also from what I can remember is that there was a work study girl that was coming to work and I sent her home, due to what was happening. I told her to stay in her dorm until it was safe. I also saw myself killing a zombie. Not sure if this means anything but before this dream, found out that my partner's cousin had committed suicide with a gun to his temple.


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  • Cindy Scott

    Cindy Scott

    Posted on Apr 20, 2017

    This dream clearly represents my life as it presently stands. Big change from being layed off from a long time employer, feelings of everything I knew that was a norm, has become an un-normal, scared of what lies ahead of me in a world filled with such academic competition.

    • Travis Wernet
      Professional Reflector

      Travis Wernet

      Posted on Apr 20, 2017

      HI Cindy Scott. If this were my dream, I'd want to consider a couple things that have appeared to be true throughout much work with dreams and dreaming - death and even suicide in the dreamworld, at least, are symbolic of the depths of change that the soul is capable of, imagined by my human personality in dramatic form. The presence of the zombies in the "old work setting" and my awareness of the sleeping meds all point me towards understanding that what's taking place in me at this time is a kind of contrast of waking up, whereas when I was taking the sleeping pills, I was becoming "zombie-like". My killing of the zombie is symbolic of me deeply changing, and in a sense getting rid of the dead/not dead side of my being that is threatening to my realization of the need to care for this study girl that is a new possibility for my present and future. Could my dream be showing me actively and helpfully participating in an inner movement here that can hold up and assist me to co-create a more fulfilling future out of the past and the present?