9 Oct

Runover cat and loneliness

Runover cat and loneliness

Tonight I dreamt that I was standing at a busy crossroad an watching my cat, she was at a distance being very cute and satisfied and I was just telling how much I loved her when she blindlessly ran over the street and got hit to death before my eyes, I started screaming and crying my soul out, I cried like the time a longterm lover broke up with me out of nowhere, it both had the feeling of unexpected loss of love in my life. After that I just wandered around trough the streets at night because I had no one to go too, I feel this way too in my current reallife situation, I just went to university, ald don’t see my old friends anymore, I have a new long distant relationship but he told me he still loves his previous lover too, and I feel like I can’t handle the relationship right now even though I have never been this in love, that could also be related to the crushed cat. So when I was wandering around I saw some people I vaguely knew climbing up some low roofs, I wanted to climb too but the roof got unsteady and tje owners came outside, as fast as we could we jumped in our car and ran of while the owner was chasing us with a baseball stick to hit us, we got away fast enough, After that I just went to school on my own again, and I couldnt tell anyone about what happened because no one was/is close to me.

I know theirs lots of meanings in here related to my current situation but I cant seem to get the big picture, anyone here to help maybe?



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  • moondreams


    Posted on Oct 14, 2018

    The way I see it the big picture here is instability: cat dying out of nowhere, having no one to comfort you, unsteady roof. Maybe you are afraid that your current situation will stay this way forever, or you're feeling like things are slowly slipping away from you. Maybe you also wish you had more control over certain parts of your life.