15 Feb



I was in the forest, walking towards what appeared to be a running race as there were hundreds of people standing at a starting line, getting ready to run. I was wearing my old running shoes; they were white and did not fit as good because they were worn out. As I walked up towards the people, everyone was facing me. The announcer was counting down the time and I thought, “uh oh, I am late.” Just as I got to the front of the crowd, the announcer yelled “GO!” The crowd ran towards me and I thought, “oh well, I will just run,” and I turned around and started running with the crowd. I slowed down a little bit because I felt like I was cheating, as I had started before everyone else. And in the past I had seen other runners who show up at the last moment and do not pay for the race, rather they show up and just run with the crowd.
The run started on pavement, but then it narrowed down to a dirt trail with some rocks scattered around. I thought, “I have not run on a trail in several years, this should be interesting.” My running shoes felt loose and squishy because of the rocky terrain. I was following some guys who were going pretty fast and the trail was twisty and muddy, also going up and down through the hills. The guy in front of me was wearing a black long sleeve shirt and at one point there was a field of small rocks. He daintily slowed and walked over them with his hands out to his sides to balance himself. I thought he looked funny and I just plowed right through the rocks, not slowing at all. I think I passed him at this time.
Then the trail got very confusing, with trails branching off in different directions. We came to a section where everyone turned left and I turned right. It appeared my choice was the correct once as I passed everybody and I heard them talking behind me about how they went the wrong way. The trail transformed into brown smooth dirt and it was dug into the earth about 12 inches. I passed by many large fir trees, up turned roots and shallow ravines. I was really going fast now through the winding trail.
I could hear an opponent behind me breathing heavy, I thought it was a really good runner from high school 25 years ago that I had known. The trail was muddy now with small pebbles, it descended slightly and I started to feel my lungs struggle to keep up as I was getting tired. The trail turned right and I ran over a 20 foot long tree split vertically by lightning I assumed. It was lying down as a makeshift bridge over a small ravine. I was really pushing hard now and going as fast as I could. The trail went up a steep hill and I did not stop. Once I got to the top of the hill it ended at a cliff abruptly, it was too late to stop so I lunged as hard as I could and sailed through the air. I must have been 100 feet high as I looked down to the valley below. I was on my back, my arms and legs flailing around through the air and I looked down to see numerous huge, square colorful airbags, the same airbags that stuntmen use. They were spaced out and turned different directions. It seemed odd to me that they really did not know where people might land and simply put them wherever they thought they should. I passed over several of them and started to descend. People were down on the ground looking up at me, and I think they were nervous that I was going to miss one of the numerous airbags below. I continued my descent and thought, “Uh oh I am going to miss the airbags.” I passed over several big ones and then I ended up landing in the center of a large brown air bag. I woke up just as I hit.


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  • Travis Wernet
    Professional Reflector

    Travis Wernet

    Posted on Feb 16, 2017

    HI DarkLight. If this were my dream, it's showing me that I I'm running the race of life and that I'm putting forth lots of effort - I take the "right" turns and yet this direction is different than the one others take. This tells me that I am going the right way for me, my own direction. Since the dream shows me putting forth so much effort and also at the last, I am elevated and 'coming down', so it leads me to question, is there some way I've been feeling really "up there" and is it now time to come down to earth?