8 Aug

Rose Bowl on King Street

Rose Bowl on King Street

Morning of August 6, 2018. Monday.

Reading time: 1 min 13 sec. Readability score: 76.

My dream begins as a typical bathroom wake-up call dream.

The location is unknown. It seems like the essence of the King Street mansion (boarding house I last saw in 1994), though downstairs. There are others with me who also have to use the bathroom.

After looking at different toilets in the open areas of a large room, I decide to leave the house. My focus is ambiguous. I notice fresh roses in the clear water of the bowl. (That is the opposite of other wake-up calls, where a dream’s bathroom is too dirty to use, unavailable, or oddly distorted, though it still triggers the subliminally emerging realization that one has to wake and answer nature’s call.)

After walking to a bed, an unknown male stands near it.

A “ghost” rushes into his body. I am not a part of the scene and am only vaguely aware of the autosymbolic tie with the emerging consciousness factor.

The mood changes. I have focused again. There is a more vivid awareness.

Now I am leaving the King Street house, walking west along King Street. It seems late at night. Looking back, I see my brother Earl and his wife Cindy (both deceased). They are smiling and standing at the window. (The lights in the house are on.) The window is like that of a large storefront. (That house has no such feature in real life. The porch would be in that location in reality.) Earl had three different wives. His age as related to Cindy’s is incorrect here.

The scene with the “ghost” jumping into the male near the bed correlates with my shift in consciousness, a type of brief potential reinduction in contrast to a thread of vague conscious self identity reminding me I should get out of bed and not go back into deeper sleep.


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