10 Jul

Residual Reaper

Residual Reaper

Morning of January 9, 1996. Tuesday.

I am back in Cubitis, in the living room (though a unique rendering as always). My father (April 26, 1901-February 14, 1979) is alive again and appears probably as he was in the mid-1970s. There seems to be a humorous ambiance, even when an unknown entity in a cloak appears. I pretend to be surprised and afraid of him (though with an exaggerated mood and gestures), especially as he may be the Grim Reaper. However, even though he seems to take my father into a dark room (the southwest bedroom) prior to waking (with an unknown motive in what starts as a possible comedic situation), he does not directly threaten me.

Cloaked figures almost always come before I develop a cold or flu as in this case (or before a family member becomes ill). This is a factor of the autosymbolism of interconsciousness and other levels of awareness, mostly biological. On another level, it is an example of preconscious recognition (which my subconscious self lacks) that my father had died. This is linked to the RAS mediation process of the doorway presence (doorway waking symbolism as a factor of the waking process).


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