16 Apr

Count Your Blessings From The Dead

Count Your Blessings From The Dead

Back in High School I didn't know what I wanted to be all I knew was that I wanted to help people. I took those job quiz's but those were not much help ether. My teachers suggested that I could be a doctor and that's what I did. In High School there was this guest speaker one day. I remember he looked exhausted! He looked like a zombie. this guy had not had sleep in days and you could tell. His eyes had big bags under them if I didn't know any better I would assume that he was on the bender. He told us about University and the different paths we could take. In High School I loved the idea of going to University, learning something I wanted to learn. Having a fresh start being interested in each and every word my professor was saying! It was an excited time! I asked the guest speaker a question at the end of his presentation, I asked..."Does it get harder?" He looked me in the eyes and told me that it got difficult, and that I was lucky if I got into University. There was competition, people who study and read twenty four hours a day! I was not that person.In my dream I was at Medical School again, and I saw him! I saw the guest speaker! what was he still doing here? He should have graduated a long time ago! My best friend Izzy was my roommate in this dream, she called my name... "Halo! We are finally here we wanted this since we were kids! I'll unpack my things upstairs! Meet you up their!" I nodded my head but when I looked back he was gone! I went to the residents building to look what room he was staying in. Somehow at that moment I knew his name and asked... "Hello I looking for Noah Baker." The lady at the front deak gave me this look and responded with..."We don't have Noah Baker in this Residents. In fact their are no students that go here that are named Noah Baker." Then I realized, Noah Baker was a ghost. Once I woke up I looked for ghosts and then went back to sleep.


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  • Travis Wernet
    Professional Reflector

    Travis Wernet

    Posted on Apr 20, 2017

    Hi Halo. If this were my dream, I'm sensing that the guest speaker/ noah baker is an aspect of my own being. He reflects my own ambitions and my journey to learn and achieve. My dream wants me to learn something and also to heal something in me - that's why it sets me in medical school... very interestingly the name "Noah" from the hebrew means "rest, comfort", and so I suspect that the dream wants me to see that I want and need to find repose in relation to this haunting energy that has me off trying to study 24 hours a day. Am I seeking ambitious achievements in waking life and might my dream be showing me that I could benefit from some rest and reflection so that I can come back to my pursuits with a fresh mind and body?