20 Apr

Raw Human love

Raw Human love

I'm in an abandoned building. I could not see I had no glasses and no contacts in. Everything was blurry and hard to see from time to time. I enter a room with an old friend in it. I walk up to her, hug her, and I pick her up from where she stood on the ground. I walk up to a window with her in my arms. Before looking outside, I saw that the window pane has rusted slightly over the glass. My focus switched to the rocky terrain before us. There was a stream of flowing water that was frozen. We watched a group of people in thick coats and jeans cross the river by going into the water. " The water is freezing cold for them" I say to her. We continue to watch. A woman with blonde hair and blue jeans slips into the water. Though it was freezing for her, she held still. A man turned around and went back into the water to help her up. I place my old friend back down and exited the room. I found a narrow large room with a double bed covered with dark wine red sheets. I lay on this bed and I "fall asleep".
I saw two human science displays come to life in my dream. Both of them skinless and cut. Their organs displayed through this clear see through new skin. They were in the same bed, but I was not there. I observed them closely.
"I love you ____" the feminine looking one spoke. She sat to the left side of the bed, gazing deeply into the eyes of her newly found partner.
"Do you think people will freak out? You know, because of our appearance?" The male asked
"Darling, we have each other now, and that's all we will ever need. No regular person will stand in the way of our love again" she replies. A sad look washes over the male's face. His muscles moved like tiny little red strings fused together. "What's wrong?" She asks him with concern. "I was thinking, why would you want to be with me? I mean look at me. I'm hideous!" He turns away from her and covers his face with his hand, and his body with a blue blanket. "You are not hideous.... You are beautiful, just like me. What did they do to you?" She speaks. He uncovers his face. You could see that he was remembering painful memories before he became a pile of skinless muscles and cuts. It was too much for him. He ran off without saying another word. "Wait! Please come back! I love you for they way you are!!" Her hand reaches out to him. He leaves out the door a second after she spoke. The clear skin coat around her dominal lining shattered into a perfect circle. Her muscles white as the titanium snow. She was sad and alone now. Sitting in her blue underwear alone


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  • Bruno Dante

    Bruno Dante

    Posted on Apr 21, 2017

    maybe the science display bodies were without skin to show your true inner self, just my opnion i don't know much of dreams

      • Maria Carla Cernuto
        Professional Reflector

        Maria Carla Cernuto

        Posted on Apr 21, 2017

        Hi Ecca, If this were my dream, I would note the whole of it carries a note of loneliness and sorrow: abandon, blue, sad, cold, etc. I would consider the ways some past relationship left me feeling emotionally cold, exposed or raw. I would feel grateful to have evolved passed outer appearances and be able to see a person's inner beauty! I would imagine the feminine and masculine figures may represent 2 aspects of myself, and I would think about the ways I may feel disconnected to my masculine characteristics. I would ask myself, "How may undergoing some major life transition (bridge) have helped me to 'see' beyond surface attractions or that beauty is only skin deep? How may I desire greater intimacy (into me see) or to dissolve my boundaries or defenses?"