17 Jul

Purple Diamond

Purple Diamond

The dream featured a two-dimensional image of a purple diamond. A hand appears to slowly come out of the dimaond and reach towards me. The arm then grabs something unidentified and pulls it back into the diamond


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  • Maria Carla Cernuto
    Professional Reflector

    Maria Carla Cernuto

    Posted on Jul 17, 2017

    Hi Kara! If this were my dream I would consider it may be speaking to a talent or "facet" of myself that is getting ready to emerge (slowly come out). I would think about the ways I may feel an opportunity to explore my potential or gifts is about to manifest. I would ask myself, "How does the diamond represent feeling ready to commit to something or someone?"

    • martiandreamer34


      Posted on Jul 20, 2017

      Color psychology. There is an entire field of psychology dedicated to the subtle influence of colors on the human psyche, meanings, influence ect. Its mostly used for marketing but can give incite into ones mind. With purple there are numerous things it supposedly means take the field with a grain of salt as some of it is 6th rate psychology garbage but not all of it is. There are websites for this so if you are interested you can start digging and get more info that's all I've got