12 Aug



3 nights in a row, following by other dreams of death, and peaople.trying to kill me. The 3 dreams I have had in consecutive nights... going to unfamiliar peoples.house, same people each time, but first dream was a spirit was using my body to show the "unknown" of what happened to her. My.body would float to different eras of house showing me different signs of her death. 2nd night, it became the same.thing but more hostile and others were being possessed and changing character demon wise and wouldnt let us leave. 3rd night, tonight, same place, same people, but this time as soon as I walked in the house immediately my.out of body experience as another presin began showing me the same things but more intense and in my dream I was scared and decided to leave immediately, the people.began to change faces as in demonish wise, and as I was running to my car they began chasing me and I got in my.car and locked my door and they were underneath my car trying to tear out parts of my tires and engines to stop me from leaving. I wake up frantic, in a panic, can't breathe, hysterical crying, and all I can see are flashes of their demonic faces. I don't know what to think or how to describe it. It all started about a week ago when my granmother who passed away visited in my dream to pray for me and the chemotherapy I'm going under. Can any please help me and interpret what may be going in in my mind, or what they mean. I'm terrified to go back to sleep because they ate recurring now.


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  • Cmccreless


    Posted on Aug 12, 2017

    My very weird Vivid typeof dreams all started after my deceased mother came to me in a dream to tell me she was ok. I will think on your dream.