4 Dec

Pool portal

Pool portal

I was swimming in a pool that was inside my house. When I swam to the surface I was in another place! The pool was the same. I saw a cute guy there and we made out aaaaaa lot 👌🏻 he also didn’t know where he was so we walked around and realized that we were on an island. In my dream I could see all of it from a cenital shot, it was rounded and filled with palm trees.
Somehow we found a place with clothes, it looked like a store but there were nobody and we just took what we liked. Suddenly, there was something chasing us (I think) ‘cause we were desperately searching for the pool and come back. I don’t quite remember but I think the guy got eaten by the monster.
And as soon as I got into the swimming pool everything disappeared, I came out of the water and I was home wearing my bikinis. I heard someone whistle at me “hey cutie!” People telling me dirty stuff! I tried to cover myself up but they still tell me things, I approached the window and quickly close it, 3 guys wearing masks appeared trying to stop me from doing it.

I was really afraid and fortunately that’s when I woke up!


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