18 Mar



I've been having this reoccurrence of popcorn in my recent dreams, three times in a row.
1. My first dream was about me, I was laying on my bed watching tv with my sister. Then my younger brother came in and joined us on the bed. Then I randomly reached down to the floor next to my bed and picked up a handful of popcorn that was all over the rug. And when I turned to give it to my brother my best friend was in his place so I gave it to her instead.
2. In the second dream I was in a video store, there were tons of movies and food and other stuff. I was with the same best friend, I don't remember seeing her, but I could feel her presence. I needed to go to the bathroom really bad so I went in to a bathroom in the back. The door wouldn't lock so I had to hold it shut, then I noticed the walls inside were made out of boxes from "pop secret" popcorn. Then I left and my other freind was there outside at the counter, I tried running up to hug him but he started running away and avoiding me. But not in a bad way, in a playful way.
3. The third one was last nights dream, I was in school and my teacher was giving a presentation, and the bell rang for us to go to next period. There was a huge pile of popcorn on a table in the front of the room, I took out a plate and filled it up with popcorn and eat some on the way to class.
I am interested by wat all of this means, especially the presence of popcorn for three nights in a row. Does anyone have any ideas?


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  • Suzanne Bergmann
    Professional Reflector

    Suzanne Bergmann

    Posted on Mar 19, 2017

    Hi Miamoré! If this were my dream, I would regard the popcorn as a positive symbol reflecting the new ideas and opportunities "popping" up. Eating something in my dream relates to what I am taking in. I would associate the bed as reflecting how these ideas are in a very intimate part of self, possibly not shared with others. The bathroom would relate to my need to regulate emotions and create balance as I let go of what I no longer need to make room for something new. Finally, I would view the school setting as reflecting a life lesson and learning how to integrate these new ideas into my reality. I would ask myself, "What new ideas or new thoughts have I had recently?" and "How does my dream allow me to see the progress I am making towards achieving new personal goals?"