10 Jul

pimple in my ear

pimple in my ear

Caley.G. Leah.D and I were at high school. It was home time and I couldn't remember which locker was mine, so I had to go through all of the lockers until I saw my bag.

In my locker there were three bags and a pair of sneakers. I had to fit all of these in one bag. It took a really long time and I thought I was going to miss my bus, but thankfully I didn't.

While waiting for my bus, me and Leah wrote down a joke on a piece of paper that must have had the word fuck in it.
We handed it to Caley, but she didn't think it was funny.
She started to curse at us, using the word fuck multiple times, complaining that the word 'fuck' was not the first word we spoke as a baby so we weren't allowed to say it.
"Well I am pretty sure it must have been your first word then," I said and me and Leah laughed.

Caley then started to call people over and began whispering to them and pointing at me.
"What is she saying?" I asked.
"Probably something about your ear," said Sam.F, who was sitting next to me under the rotunda.
"What about my ear?"
"You have a big pimple in it," he replied.


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