6 Dec



I am in a very big house and I am apparently younger. I am in the room of a teenage girl, full of posters, stickers and colors, lying in the bed next to another girl who apparently is a friend of mine in the dream. There are a couple of other girls sitting by. There's a party going on in the house. There are former classmates from school, college and graduate school.

We, the girls in the room, are not participating in the party. We, especially I, are acting like party-poopers, because the party is going increasingly wild. When I open the door I see drunk people smashing things around the house. I am very mad at all of them. A guy approaches me and try to convince me to have fun, but I say no way, and I criticize them for all the damage they are doing. "That's no way to have fun" I say.

I hear loud noises coming also from outside the house. I look into the window and it looks like we are 30 floors away from the ground. I see a beautiful landscape full of green, like there's a park down below. There's a pre-school closeby. It looks like the party assistants have provoked some damage in the pre-school, so the kids, guided by their teacher, are coming our way. I hear the voice of the teacher saying "you are going to regret this! Attack, kids!". The kids are flying kites and with the command of the teacher, they start some kind of maneuver. The kites throw some kind of ammo towards the party members since most of them are outside now.

I leave the room and start walking around the house. It has many rooms. Turns out it's my boss's house. I meet my boss and his wife. They are very critical towards the attitude of the people who wrecked their house, and my boss's wife says that of course I didn't participate in all of that since I am a very sensible person. My boss starts a tour of the house, that practically looks like a labyrinth. In the extreme there are too huge rooms destinated for service staff. There's a woman, a coworker, sleeping in one of the rooms in a queen size bed. When we get into her room, she picks her stuff and goes to the next room. My boss continues his tour like nothing happened, talking about the things he want to fix and install.

At some point of my dream, I don't remember when and why, I appear in a big fancy organic supermarket. They have huge shelves with exotic fruits and vegetables and expensive food. I am sitting by a neat little table taking a cup of coffee with the dean of my graduate school. She talks about a classmate that would be cooking our food, but she says that she had expectations of me preparring the food since she knows that it would turn out better. Then I appear again at my boss house cooking with expertise while his wife looks forward for the meal I am going to prepare.


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